Terms and Conditions

Racso Professional Cleaners Ltd (“RACSO”):

General Terms of Business.

Cleaning of Commercial Premises
RACSO undertake cleaning and associated services, such work being carried out at the agreed premises of the Customer. This Cleaning work is either a Single Clean or, when the customer wishes the cleaning to be repeated on a regular basis, it forms a Cleaning Contract.

The work description
The Customer shall first inform RACSO of the scope of the work required; RACSO and the Customer shall then agree a specific cleaning schedule and a price for the work.

Single Cleans shall have no repeat obligations on either Party.
For Cleaning Contracts, RACSO shall provide the Services for an initial period of 4 weeks; if both parties are happy with the work then the Contract shall continue for a period of 3 months from date of the first clean.
During the initial four-week term, the Parties shall review performance on a weekly basis.

Any changes made arising from the reviews, either to the cleaning schedule or price, shall be incorporated within the Cleaning Contract’s terms.
To give RACSO sufficient time to engage cleaning staff necessary for an uninterrupted continuation of a contract, its renewal must be agreed no less than 30 days before the expiration of the existing contract term.

Timing of Cleaning
RACSO shall take all reasonable steps to undertake its obligations in accordance with the agreed
Cleaning Schedule. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, which may include absence of staff at short notice due to illness, RACSO shall be permitted to undertake its work within a 48-hour period of the initially agreed time and date. Extra work incurred as a result of a delayed clean shall not give
rise to any extra charge being made by RACSO.

Cleaning Materials
Unless agreed otherwise, RACSO shall use its own professional cleaning materials. It is understood and agreed that the Customer may have a preference for other materials. RACSO agrees to substitute the Customer’s preferred materials yet, in such event, shall not be held liable for any resultant damage, consequential loss, or reduction in cleaning performance.

Obligations of RACSO
RACSO shall take all necessary steps to perform its obligations in a timely and professional manner.
Staff and other cleaning operatives used by RACSO shall have the necessary training which may also include supervision and training when on the  customer’s premises.
RACSO does not routinely undertake to provide staff holding clearances to work in environments with vulnerable children or adults. It shall remain the responsibility of a customer to notify RACSO of any required clearances,
the cost and inclusion of which would be additional to and form part of the Single Clean or Cleaning Contract.

Customer’s Obligations
The Customer undertakes to provide a safe working environment in which RACSO can perform its cleaning duties. RACSO shall be given
(1) all reasonable and necessary access to the Premises. 
(2) all necessary power, light, hot water and other facilities.
(3) suitable safe and insured storage for any property of RACSO that is agreed should remain on the premises.

Costs are fixed on the general basis that RACSO shall offer a fixed price for the duration of a cleaning contract. RACSO shall have sole responsibility for providing sufficient personnel to provide its services over the agreed duration of the Cleaning Contract
Costs may only be varied when necessary by
(1) a change in Law (e.g. increase in the minimum wage
(2) a mid-term change to the Cleaning Specification.
(3) as otherwise may be agreed between the parties.
Charges are based on the work being completed on agreed days and to an agreed schedule. Should this result in work being undertaken during Bank or Public holidays, RACSO shall be permitted (solely for that event) to apply a Holiday surcharge of no greater than 50% of the normal contract cleaning cost.

Payment for invoices issued by RACSO is due for payment no later than 7 days after the date of the invoice. 

Late payment means the receipt by RACSO (in cleared funds) after the last date for payment as stated on the relevant invoice issued by RACSO.
RACSO agrees its prices on the basis the customer shall pay all invoices by the agreed due date.
RACSO is committed to pay its suppliers and staff promptly so every late payment by a customer shall always incur a cost to RACSO. This is reflected in the below late payment charges which, by entering into a contract with RACSO, the Customer agrees to pay.

Payment delay Agreed cost
 1-14 days – £25
 15 days – one month £25 + 2% of total invoice value
 1-2 months – £25 + 3% of total invoice value
 3 months + – £300 referral fee to Lawyers, Court Costs and interest at 8% p.a up to final date of payment

Contract Variations
Variations to these terms are only valid if agreed in writing, including confirmed e-mails, between an authorised representative of RACSO and the Customer
These terms of business apply to all Single Clean and Cleaning Contracts entered into with RACSO.
Any variation shall apply 14 days after amendment and are available at www.racso-cleaners.co.uk