School Cleaning

Racso understands that every school has differing needs due to size and services that it offers like after school clubs, services to the community etc and therefore we like to ensure that where possible we offer as much flexibility in the contract as possible. Customers can choose a contract that suits their needs: term-time only, a full 52-week contract or purely offering as needed deep cleans.

We willingly work around specific events such as parents’ evening and where required, act as caretaker for call-outs. During the holidays we regularly provide deep-cleans in preparation for the start of a new school term.

We understand that your site managers or caretakers don’t want to wait around for us to finish to lock up behind us. We can also offer a full lock up service where our supervisor on site will check all doors and windows and lock up set alarms to your specification which will be demonstrated at the start of the contract.